Saturday, 12 March 2011

Giant Pandas -T106

Giant Pandas ,Mammalis ,carnivore, belong to the panda family.
They matein Spring and give birth in Fall,usually one or two cubs at one birth.

The folk legend-Dong Yong and The Seventh Fairy maiden

The folk legend-"Dong Yong and The Seventh Fairy maiden" is a moving love story.

Hemudu Ruins-1996-10

Hemudu Ruins ,located in Hemudu Town in Yuyao City of Zhejiang Province.
 The Hemudu culture is the ealiest remains of the New Stone Agriculture discovered in the lower reaches of the Yangtse River.  
 Our ancestors has created a brillant primeval civilization in the Yangtse River basin.

Chinese Orchid -T129

Chinese Orchid is  a traditional famous flower of China. 
 Charcterized by its resistance to cold and blooming in its full spendour despire frost
 and snow.