Tuesday, 28 February 2012

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Finnish stamp collector (collect whole world stamp?)

Sometime I reference  above the article of above Blog about the knowledge of
philatelic items

world stamp album

Dr. Cheng Chang intends to collect over 90% of the world’s stamps from 1840, the world’s first stamp, up to and around 1990, though collections from many countries, such as China, Canada, Germany and so on, are up to year of 2000 or even over. This web site is still under construction and will be updated by daily bases. Whenever a country’s collection reaches 90% completion or over, its collection will be posted on this site. 

Above just for my reference 

cover club

there are also other cover club.

London circuit (Base in France)

International cover collecting club (Switzerland )

Cover club (Poland) -which I know less

Asian cover club (Japan)

Africa exchange club (Algeria)

Israel cover

Israel cover depict the traditional artcraft

new countries -South africa

Saturday, 25 February 2012

romania traditional building

romanian avation 100 year cover

Thailand cover

croatia train cover two

croatia train cover

postmark of hong kong

Most of mail to hk mailbox only got boring electronic cancellation postmark.

If you want hand-cancellation,you need registered air mail and use certificate
of mailing more economically .The price is only 1.3.

Hand cancellation avoid to go to post office of parcel procession  .

Post man use handmark with too much ink which ink suspended on cover.

The cover will be more ugly. The parcel procession is with speed post and there
are high competitive environment with DHL and UPS.

In 2001, the international air mail deceased from $3.1 to $3 due to less usage.

Many western countries raise postage rate dramatically .In Italy ,you need to pay
1.6 Euro to send mail internationally. In Canada ,need 1.75 canada dollars and it
approximately 14 hong kong dolllars

hong kong stamps

Hong kong stamp is ok which suitable for me because I can buy some nice
commerative stamps from philatelic shops.

The price of stamps are near the face value.Many people discard many stamps
to  market due to many reason. The source of stamps are abundance now.
The situation of philatelic market .may be change

But some MS such as Unesco series prices are too crazy and 10 times above its face value.

I can use them with covers and the stamp display the culture mix of chinese and
western countries.

my cover source

Most my covers from


Source from the covers collectors circuit club and Nice circuit club (NCC) of
postcrossing forum .Some also from facebook friends.