Tuesday, 28 March 2017

USA dog cover

USA flora cover

USA heart stamp cover

USA fauna cover

Romania cover

The cover depict mountain and lake stamps

Japanese cover

The cover depict the ancient tower stamp .

Myanmar cover

USA beautiful rooster year cover

USA cover

The cover depict beautiful landscape of lake of usa region.

Myanmar cover

The Myanmar cover depict one stamp (famous people) which celebrate the 70 anniversary  of the the Ministry of Foreign affairs .

France cover

The cover show love heart stamps.

Japanese cover

The Japanese cover show traditional clothing stamps.

USA rooster cover

The cover depict usa rooster year stamp.

Croatia hawk stamp cover

The Croatia show hawk (prey animal) stamps and it quite beautiful.

Belgium cover

The Belgium cover depict Chemistry dimension stamp.

Japanese mountain cover

The cover depict old issue Japnanese mountain cover

USA famous people cover

Sweden cover

The cover depict Ingrid Begman stamp (famous movie star).

Croatian reptile cover

The cover show new issuing Reptile stamp.

Canadian cover

The Canada cover depicts two flora stamps.