Friday, 30 November 2012

San Marino cover

My first San Marino cover.

The postmark is 8-11-2012

thank you Zelsko Vasilik

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Austrailan cover

The cover stamps are well matched and quite beautiful.

Hungary cover

Hungarian cover depict soocer stamp and peacock stamp.

Switzerland cover

Switzerland cover depict Bee which is very working hard.

Aland cover

First Aland Cover is sent from Finnish visit Aland

Malayian cover

Malaysian show famous buildings.

Thnak you Tay Bin Sze

Croatian cover

Croatian cover depict beautiful coast of island.

Malysian cover

Malaysian cover depict famous food stamp and royal mail box.
thank you newrule

Italian cover

Another MS cover but different postmark.

Australian cover

Australian cove

Algerian cover

Algerian cover

German cover

Sent from a penpal from Germany.

Thank you Nobi

Austalian cover

Wonderful cover from Australia.

The stamps are over postage . The cover is sent from a chinese who live in Australia.

Romanian registered air mail

Romanian registered air mail.

The cover depict church building 500 years

Netherland olympic cover

Wonderful Netherland olympic cover

Italian cover

Italian cover with wonderful MS.

Thank you Alfrondo

UK cover

United kindom cover.

Thank you Dr.Radimv

Chile cover

My first Chile cover

Brazilan cover

Nice cover with clear postmark

Australia olympic winner cover

Australia olympic winner cover.

wonderful cover .

Malaysian festival cover

Malaysian festival cover.

Complete set used

Brazilian cover

The cover show 16-10-2012 postmark.

Thank you Jose luis Matte

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Taiwan cover

Taiwan rare mammal species cover.

Thank you alan and james

Ecudaor cover

My first Ecudaor cover.

The cover depict famous flora stamps and ship stamp.

Thank you Efren

Serbian cover

My third Serbian cover.

The cover show famous painting stamp.

Nicaugua atheletic cover

Nicaugua atheletic cover depict Lewis long jump in Olympic games 1992.

Thank you

Croatian mineral cover

This set of mineral stamps is very interesting.

Thank you Frelas

Indian cover

Airborne warning and control system

Thank you D.M.Tra

Czech republic cover

 Thank you Robert. 
The cover with flora stamps and inside mint postcard and Australia antartactic terriories 
stamps card.

Liechtenstein cover

New country -Liechtenstein,

The cover with traditional chinese dragon image.

Thank you Vural

Greece cover

Greece cover with theme visit stamps.

cover with colorful illustration.

Sweden cover

Sweden cover with interesting stamps.

Belarus cover with flora stamp

Belarus cover with flora stamp.

My second belarus cover.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Japanese zodiac cover

Wonderful japanese cover and beautiful woman postcards . And one japanese zodiac MS

Thank you Hiroo Nemoto