Tuesday, 17 April 2012

hong kong image in chinese stamp cover

Hong kong is one of Special administration region of china.
This set of stamps contain stock martet, new airport, freight port of kuwn to,hk skycrapers.
They has been issued in 1996 year before hk return to china.

Three kindom romance cover of china

I went to shenzen of china for short term vocation last week.

This is my first time of me to send ordianary mail from china to hong kong.

It is also needed more than a week time.I still wonder my covers which arrived safely

This set of three kingdom romance has been issued in 1992. 

I sent more 6 covers of china to my home address.

The hand cancellation is also beautiful. 

Three kingdom romance is master literature in China.  It appear in Tv show ,comic book  and even play station portabal (PSP Game.

Panama cover-very exotic

Panama cover-very exotic . This my first panama cover senting  from Patrick  when he has been
visited Panama.

City view of postcard is very attractive.

Easter cover of Croatia

Thanks again Falas

This may be Easter gift. The cover of stamps and stamp decoration match properly.

Croatia lovely cat cover.

Thank you Falas.

The lovely cat cover is wonderful and eye-catching.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

sport cover of spain

Thank you Antonio Martinez.

This is cccc (cover exchange club)cover which sent to my address 2 month ago.

I have many covers which is not displayed here.
Last year.,I has less time to scan all my covers from world-wide.