Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Oman cover

Oman cover depict sport stamps . New collection add my world-wide cover.

Thank you cccc member Raman Shah.

I just registered air mail to thank you him,

Tunisian cover

Thank you Dr.Radimv for increasing my collection.

Tunisia card is also amazing 

hong kong art tree cover

hong kong art tree cover.

I hope Dr.Radimv will like it .

Friday, 22 June 2012

german cover

I especially like Fc Bayern Munchen postcard . thank you nobi

Sri -Lanka cover

Amazing Sri -Lanka cover . This week I already sent a registered air mail to him

mexico-new country collection

Thank you Luls Carlos Dix Suarez.

Mexico cover is unique.

indonesian tiger cover

Beautiful tiger of Indonesia cover.

Brazil soccer cover

Thank you fesqua.

Beautiful soocer cover with stadium and logo of soocer club.

Celebration of 2014 of world cup of Brazil

Taiwan old chinese painting cover

Thank you new facebook friend Joy Chang.

The old painting of chinese is attractive.

philippine Beetles cover

Amazing Philippine Beetles cover.

Thank you Gero Zyo Danseco

Italy cover

Beautiful Italian cover of MS .

Thank you Nobi when he has been visited Italy.

The postcard  of  Italy are very nice.

Malaysia aromotic plant cover

Malaysia aromatic plant cover.

Thank you Tay Bin sze.

another burtan cover

Another burtan cover .the unique metal stamp is amazing.

thank you Burtan stamp. All Burtan post are sent throught Indian post.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

malaysia aromatic plant cover

malaysia aromatic plant cover. the stamp is new issuing.

thank you bin sze

hong kong flag cover

hong kong flag cover. send to fralas.

hong kong cover send to fralas

hong kong cover send to fralas. the cover depict the hong kong star ferry.

croatian historical cover

croatian historical cover. thank you fralas.

croatia lighthouse cover

croatia lighthouse cover. thank you fralas

croatian eu 2012 cup cover

croatian eu 2012 cup cover.

thank you Ivana

Romanian childern drawing cover

Romanian childern drawing cover. thank you horio

Bhutan registered air mail

Bhutan registered air mail. the cover depict traditional costume . thank you butan stamp.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bulgarian cover

I got two identical cover from Bulgaria.

Thank you Hrto Rousef

spain cover

Thank you Marcos Torre Lacunza.

The cover depict costume clothing stamps.

Italian cover

Thank you Alfredi Guidato. we often exchange cover through private swap.
But he only interest Joint venture cover and Pop Paula cover.

Taiwan presient cover

The beautiful President cover from Taiwan . thank you James chen

Registered cover from Taiwan

The Inauguration of the 13 th President and Vice President of the Republic of china Commermorative Issue.

Thank you James chen

indonesia cover

The cover fron Indonesia . Thank you Sunny chen. We exchange used stamps .

Bosina Hercegovina cover

Thank you Zelijko .

The cover depict 2006 winter olympic game and cat stamp.

Belgium cover

Thank you Holger Kaufhold/

The cover is fit to my collection. The cover show humor cartoon stamp.

poland cover

This cover is very smart and you cannot persuade people to send you complete set of stamps or block of stamps . Because due to different country, complete set of stamps is enough to pay
for registered air mail.
The case is also fit in the hong kong post office.
The cover depict one stamp with 2002 winter Olympic game.

Thank you Piotr Strzepek.

Malaysian costume cover

The Malaysia cover depict the stamps of traditional costume clothing.

Thank you Tay Bin Sze

Czech republic cover

This cover depicted the landscape of Czech republic .

Thank you Jiri Gyra.

Canadian famous people cover

Thank you cover from cccc club. The cover depict famous person John ware and Vlola Desmond.

Algerian cover

This is my second Algerian cover which celebrate 50 year movement.

Thank you Ouari Khemissi (facebook)

Belize cover-new country

This cover from CCCC club . The Belize cover depicts bird and flora stamps.

Indonesia frog cover

Thank you tin sze when she travelled to Indonesia to send frog cover to me.

The MS is left shape.

slovenian star exploration cover

The cover depict the stamps with solar gallery and large telescope in 2009.

Thank you slavica

slovenian flower cover

The cover depicted  new issuing flower series  in 2012 .

Thank you slavica

slovenia dragon cover

The wonderful cover of dragon cover from Slovenia .It posted on 22 .05.2012.
and it arrived at my home on 30.05.2012.

Thank you slavica