Friday, 10 February 2017

Myanmar cover

The cover depict one stamp which celebrate the 69th anniversary independence day of Myanmar.

Croatian cover

The cover depict nice Building MS.

Australian cover

The cover depict waterfall stamps.

German registered air mail with one christmas card.

The German registered air mail has many unique stamps. Thank you Nobi .

Japanese cover wuth wonderful stamps

The cover depict 4 Japanese trditional stamps  . The design is quiet beautiful.

Romania cover

The cover depicts the Bear stamp.

Mynmar cover

Brazilian cover

The cover has one postcard inside and unique children loving church stamp.

Christmas island cover

The cover depict lobster stamp.

Malta cover with Christmas card

The nice Mala has unique christmas card.

USA wonder woman cover

The cover depicts wonderful wonder-woman stamps.

Japanese cover

The cover depict the traditional painting stamp.

Netherlands Christmas cover

The cover has one beautiful christmas card.

Serbian cover

The cover depict 150 anniversary of Serbian famous people.

USA rooster year cover

The cover depict USA rooster year stamp.