Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Indonesian Asian sport game cover

Two wonderful Indonesian Asian sport game cover.
Thank you Irene Chen

Brazilian cover

The cover depict the pepper plant of Brazil.

Thank you Dr.Paulo.

Brazilian cover

The cover depict the modern facilities buildings stamps (hospital and electric plant)  .

Australian cover

The cover depict the stamps of  Queen birthday of  Elizabeth.
The Queen is very elegnate.

Swiss cover

The Swiss cover depict the famous castle buildings stamps.

Registered air mail from Macau

The cover show four white dolphin stamps .  White dolphin is symbol of World
wide natural fund .
Nowadays, it is difficult to find them both in Hong Kong and Macau.

Registered air mail from Macau

Last two weeks, I have visited Macau for vocation. I also visited Macau main post office.
I have bought some stamps to prepare two registered air mails .
The cover show four lotus stamps and flora stamps is interesting group of philately world.
The travel times of cover is quiet long and needed four days.

Registered air mail from Madagascar

The registered air mail from Madagascar show the stamps of country's symbol and old traditional buildings

Thank you Mr. Li who have great help.

Uganda registered air mail

The registered air mail show the many stamps about Uganda wildlife stamps.
The cover is very special.
Thank you Mr. Li who have great help.

Croatian world cup cover

The cover show MS about silver medal of Croatian football team in 2018 Russian soccer Cup. 

Romanian cover

The cover depicts MS about IaSI 600 years of Documentary Accreditation