Friday, 31 January 2014

Croatia cover

Sweden cover

Big sweden cover

Nicargua cover

Mushroom cover from Spain

Panama cover

nice Panama cover

Horse year cover from USA

Horse year cover from USA

United nation cover

United Nation cover

Ukarine cover

United kindom cover

with one Mercury postcard

Malaysia cover

Malaysia cover

USA lighthouse cover

Lighthouse cover from North pole of philatelic department of usa

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Myanmar cover

The cover depict beautiful spectacular view of traditional building stamps
It also contained one logo advertisement card inside.

Nice 11-12-2013 cover from macua

self -preparation cover.

Nice 11-12-2013 cover from macua.

wobderful cover from malaysia

with office cover of malaysia.

normally hk official cover is easily damaged during travelling

because it is damaged by heavy parcel.

Nice Australian cover

with one 2014 pocket calendar

nice Nicargua cover

nice Nicargua cover.

Wonderful coral cover from Taiwan

Wonderful coral cover from Taiwan

Watercolur painting cover from South Africa

Watercolur painting cover from South Africa

Nice Malta cover

Nice cover from norway

Nice cover from norway.

from cccc club

Friday, 3 January 2014

Mushroom cover from Croatia

Thank you josip

Croatian cover

thank you frelas

11-12-2013 cover from Pakistan

11-12-2013 cover from Pakistan.

I only arrange 3- 4 11-12-2013 covers this year

Nice cover from Ukarine

Nice postcard and one pocket calendar of Ukraine inside.

from postcrossing. thank you very much Sergey

11-12-2013 postcard from taiwan

Wonderful Finland christmas cover

Croatian cover

clear sky stamps

Artist cover from south africa

Artist cover from south africa.

Bird stamp is used

sender 's address is not clear and cannot send  him a cover

Moldova registered air mail cover

Famous people