Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Three italian cover

Three interesting cover from Alfredo Guidato

I sent him Joint venture cover to him

The cover depict Partenza da quarto ,Incontro Di teano and Battaglia Di Calatafimi
historical events.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

USA cover

Thank you Kark Weiland.

There are still many covers which not scan in this blog.

Republic Korea cover

The Repuic Korea cover depict the beautiful landscape.

Thank you Chonging Park. (facebook .)

Friday, 13 July 2012

My first myanmar cover

My first myanmar cover.

Thank you Htay oo. The cover also contain nice postcard.

Amazing croatian cover

Thank you Josip .

Quiet well designed cover from croatia.

Switzerland sport cover

Switzerland sport cover. Thank you Theodor Fehr.

Next week , I will send him with a registered air mail.

Gibraltar cover

This is my old collection an I got it last year. There are a lot of nice cover from world -wide fridents.

I probably have one cover from Gibraltar. The cover ' stamp depict old classic stamp.

Thank you Karl Weiland.

Joint venture cover sent to Latvia

The cover depict the joint venture Bird stamps of hk and sweden .

The set of stamp is difficult to obtain in the philatelic shop.

I sent it to Juris Tarvids

hong kong tiger cover

Self design cover of tiger which prepared to send to Bin Sze Tay.

Croatia religous cover

Amazing Croatia religous cover. thank you Fralas

Hong kong working dog of government covers


Two self design covers are prepared to send to Bin Sze Tay.

15 th anniversary of hk SAR cover to Fralas

There are 15 th anniversary of hong kong Special Administration Region on 1 July,2012

HK post officeissue one Ms for celebration.

hong kong festival cover which sent to fralas

Self design hong kong festival cover which sent to Fralas.

Another Crotian soocer cover

Thank you fralas .

Nice soocer cover from Croatian. Rijeka is beautiful harbour.

Traditional festival cover

Taiwan traditional  festival cover.  Taiwan festive is identical to hong kong.
Thank you james

Serbian wwf bird cover

Serbian wwf bird cover.

It is wonderful and is fast to reach my address.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Croatian flag cover

Self -design flag cover. The image of cover is unique and match with stamps.

Thank you Zelijko.